How fast does it go?

The drive unit doesn't provide assistance above 32km/hr – but just like any other bicycle you can pedal beyond this speed with no resistance from the motor.

How heavy is an e-bike?

The average commuter e-bike weighs around 50lbs. E-Mountain bikes are falling between 40-55lbs depending on style, while sum road/gravel bikes will tick below 30lbs!

Can I put my e-bike(s) on a car rack?

Yes, but make sure your rack’s weight limits are not exceeded and you can properly secure the bikes. If you have a removable battery, or display, it is recommended that you remove them for transport.

Many brands offer racks for carrying e-bikes.

How far can I go?

Generally, the range is between 60 and 150km – based on the power mode/assist level used – and depending on terrain and other riding conditions.

Do I need a driver’s license?

No license (or registration) needed, just like any bicycle. According to ICBC, the rider must be older than 16 years of age and respect the rules of the road.

What does warranty cover – and for how long?

Just like all bikes, frame manufactures and parts manufacturers have their own warranties. Many bikes are warrantied for defect for the useable lifetime of the bicycle. Most electric systems are covered for up to 2 years.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

A full charge can take between 3 and 6 hours, depending on the system. The Bosch system, for example, takes about 2 hours to charge an empty battery back to 50%.

Can I ride in the rain/snow?

YES – both the motor and battery are completely waterproof and built for all conditions.