The FAZUA RIDE 60 Drive Unit

The heart of the system, the drive unit holds the motor, gear box and sensors. It’s light and silent, powerful and compact – and guarantees FAZUA’s inherent natural, smooth pedal stroke. The slim unit allows an elegant integration into the frame.

Drive Unit Weight - 1.96kg     -     Max Power Output - 450w/60Nm

The FAZUA RIDE 60 Battery

A perfect assembly of the right amount of cells in an aesthetic housing results in a compact battery with a great range. Within the frame, the battery sits on a special, lightweight rail. The battery starts automatically when the bike is moving

Battery Weight - 2.30kg     -     Capacity - 430Wh

The FAZUA RIDE 60 Components

The battery can be charged via the CHARGE PORT directly in the frame. The easy-to-use, intuitive magnetic plug positions itself automatically without any fumbling – and the cap closes magnetically as well. Charging option supports up to 3A.

The minimalist RING CONTROL on the handlebar utilizes an incredibly intuitive design. Here you can choose the support mode, turn on the light and the walk assist – all without taking your eyes off the track.

The LED HUB with its five color LEDs informs you not only about the battery charge and your riding mode. It also features a USB-C charging option for your smartphone or GPS device, and interface for ANT+ and Bluetooth.

Shimano STEPS Drive Units

Shimano creates a variety of drive units based on the style of bike. Smaller, more energy efficient drive units are used on city/commuting bikes. The larger, full power drive units are used for cargo bike applications, and full size E-MTB.

Drive Unit Weight ~ 2.7kg     -     Max Power Output - 60-85nM (depending on unit)

Shimano Batteries

Shimano makes two sizes of batteries, for both externally and internally mounted designs. Larger batteries will add a bit of weight, but give a bit more range. Typically, we see the larger batteries paired with the higher power drive units. 

Battery Weight ~ 3.50kg     -     Capacity - 504 or 630Wh

Shimano STEPS Components

The battery can be charged via the charging port directly on the frame or battery, on or off the bike.  The system will take roughly 6 hours for a complete charge.

Shimano's displays have Bluetooth connectivity for software updates, and system customization. There are different displays available for different styles of bikes. Most E-MTB will have displays that are tucked away and protected. Commuter bikes will often have the larger full screen display. 

Bosch E-Bike Drive Units

 Drive units from Bosch eBike Systems give you a unique riding sensation. Three sensors measure the rider's pedal power, cadence and speed over 1,000 times per second. This facilitates an organic interplay between you and your eBike.

Drive Unit Weight ~ 2-3kg     -     Max Power Output - 40-85nM (depending on unit)

Bosch E-Bike Batteries

Bosch eBike batteries are efficient, long-life energy sources. They combine low weight with ergonomic design and simple handling. Thanks to their impressive mileage, long service life and an intelligent battery management system (BMS), which protects the battery from damage, they are among the most modern and safest on the market. 

Battery Weight ~ 2.50-3.8kg     -     Capacity - 400, 500, 625, 750Wh

Bosch E-Bike Components

Bosch offers a variety of display options. From very minimalist control panels, to complete smart phone solutions. Many of which have Bluetooth connectivity.

The new eBike Flow app is the control center for your connected eBike experience. Use the app to control all functions of the smart system, which connects the control unit, display, battery and drive unit. The app allows you to adapt the eBike, to expand it and to keep it up to date by easily downloading new features and services, which are installed using Bluetooth. This enhances riding fun even more. Bosch is constantly adding features to this app, including the latest eBike alarm and eBike lock.