Mount Mahony Enduro Prizes!

Stage Prizes

Everyone who enters, and completes the stage will be entered into a stage prize draw. As an incentive to go fast, the top 3 places each week will get extra entries in to the prize draw. 

1st place - 3 entries

2nd place - 2 entries

3rd and higher - 1 entry

Other Prizes

We will also have other prizes through out the race, so get involved. Take photos and post them on social media #bikepowellriver #tawsbikegarage #mahonyenduro. Get your friends signed up for your club... we're talking about you Hockey Guy Ride... Maze Men... Babes, Bikes & Beers! We're going to get creative to dish out some prizes. 

Overall Prizes

Top racers will get something... A trophy? A medal? A cupcake? You'll get something. You'll also get to be the champ until next year when we throw together a proper, single day enduro!



Stage 1: Fairies Wear Boots (Lite & Full)

Presented by Giro & Bell!

We've got a sweet little Giro & Bell Prize Pack for this one!


Stage 2: Quaver & Lower Civil (Full) Marvin's Bent Wrench (Lite)

Presented by Santa Cruz Bikes

Santa Cruz or Juliana Prize Pack! A little bit of everything in this one!


Stage 3: Quick-E (Lite & Full)

Presented by SMITH OPTICS

Need some glasses? We've got some for you!


Stage 4: Civil & Marvin's Bent Wrench

Presented By Ibis Cycles

Another rad prize pack from our friends at Ibis!