2021 Mount Mahony *VIRTUAL* Enduro

Hosted by Powell River Cycling Association & TAWS Bike Garage

June 14-27th 2021


Race Protocol:

During COVID, we are forced to be a bit creative. This is a 'Self Timed' event. Each stage will have start and finish gates marked with flagging tape. At each start and finish gate, there will be a QR code that you will scan with your phone. Once you scan the Start QR Code, your race is on. At the end of the stage, again, marked by flagging tape, you will find a Finish QR code to scan. From this your time will be uploaded to the results sheet. You only get 1 opportunity to time your run. Explore and pre-ride the route as much as you like, but as soon as you scan the Start QR, you are racing. We strongly encourage racers to familiarize themselves with the positions of the Start and Finish QR Codes.  For more on the timing procedure, hit the link in the header. 

There will be 4 Stages for the Full MME, and 3 short stages for the MME Lite

MME - $30

First week will be Fairies top to bottom (spur road), and Quaver to bottom of Lower Civil. 

Second week, Quick-E top to bottom, and Civil @ Burly, to the end of Marvin's Bent Wrench.

MME Lite - $20

First week will be Fairies top to bottom (spur road), and Marvin's Bent Wrench top to bottom. 

Second week, Quick-E top to bottom. 


We all want to compete, but this isn't the Enduro World Series. Ride within your abilities!

Ride with a friend or two within your core bubble.

Please don't race these stages alone. 

We are racing on open trails, not closed courses, make sure there aren't others on the trail where possible. Be polite to other trail users!

Do your best to scout the route, familiarize yourself with start and finish gates.

Questions & Answers...

What is my registration fee for? Registration is going to cover your racing insurance, as described in the wavier. Surplus funds will be donated to PRCA and used for various projects including events, trail building, and other cool stuff that mountain bikers love!

Something happened during my run, can I redo it? Probably not... consider what a race is like when it's not 'Virtual', 1 run, that's it! *** the only exception to this is if you come across someone who is hurt during your race run. Please let us know if this has happened, and we can accommodate.  If you come across someone who has crashed, DO NOT leave them. Stop your run, and attend to that rider. 

I fumbled with my phone when I tried to scan and lost precious seconds! Can my time be adjusted? Nope. 

Strava said my time was faster, what's the deal? Hate to say it Powell River, but Strava isn't that accurate, crown's don't mean much.

Can I shuttle? Nope, ride to the stage! If you do shuttle and we find out, you'll be heckled until the 2022 edition of the MME