May 16 - June 13 - July 11 - August 8 - September 12

$5 per race

How does it work?
The group ride will operate as normal, except we will be timing an enduro stage in the middle of it. We will be doing this every second Thursday for the next 5 months. You can register for single events, or the entire series, the price is the same either way. Timing will be done manually through a WebScorer app. Weekly prizing will be mostly random. There will be overall series winners and some other fun things along the way.

Race Organization:
Sports Teams! We’re looking for host clubs. Host clubs will be responsible for course design, flagging, timing, and prizes. Let’s get a Maze Men 5’R, Hot Mess 5’R Chain Gang 5’R? You design the group ride, the race stage. I’ll work with you to help flag, tape and time. Need a few volunteers on the actual ride day. Funds raised to that stage can be donated to support what your crew thinks is important. Note... this isn’t about filling the COBB cooler.
TAWS BIKE GARAGE is hosting the first one to get the ball rolling. Game on.

A few procedure things:

  • We will be sending people off every 30 seconds. Please seed yourself based on the riders around you. If you know the person behind you is a rockstar, let them go ahead first. Don’t take offence to people asking to go first. It just gives you someone to chase.
  • Please clear the exit of the trail, we don’t need a pile up.
  • Injured riders…. If you come across a crashed racer. Check to see if the racer is ok. Alert the next person down the trail to get help from the start or finish marshal if needed. 2
    nd person down the trail, stop oncoming racers to prevent other incidents. No matter what, we want to make sure
    everyone is safe. This is not the world champs.
  • Features – most ‘black’ features will be taped off. ie… creek gap, Goss gap, stepdown etc. Many of these features are slower race lines anyways. It is what it is. We don’t want carnage in a fun race.Ask if you have a question about something specific. We will try to outline these things before the stage is raced on the day.
  • Categories - We have Men and Women, U19 Men and U19 Women. Some fast teens are going to get bumped up. It's just how it is. Adults... not getting bumped down. 


  • Must be a QRCA member to participate. This is a requirement for the group rides anyways. No
    exceptions. We will be checking... If you are not a member, go here and sign up... QRCA
  • No drinking until after the ride… you know who we’re talking about.
  • The time you get is the time you get. No moaning about it. Everyone remember when Johnny D got
    that record time on Civil?
  • No Jerks.
  • Have Fun.


You can register for single days, or all 5. The more you race, the more fun you'll have!
Register through Webscorer:

Thanks to everyone involved!