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Where are all the bikes?

We are very thankful to have bikes during this tough time in the world. And as many know, everyone wants one. Our sleepy little industry has been hit pretty hard with higher than expected demand. With the high demand comes a limited supply of bikes and parts. Since the world is experiencing material shortages, reduced manufacturing and freight issues in every industry, it's been tough to get inventory levels back to an acceptable level. Please keep in mind it's not necessarily the bike frame manufactures that are the issue, sometimes it's tires, or shifters or handlebars...  The bike industry is working very hard to mitigate these issues.  We really appreciate everyones patience during this time. 

So, when is your bike coming? That is a very difficult question to answer. Many manufacturers are not giving any ETA's on bikes/parts until they have them in hand and are ready to ship them to us. There are too many balls in the air to give accurate arrival times any more than 2 weeks down the road. If we have you on a list for a particular bike, when it is ready to ship to us, we will be in contact with you to let you know. If there is a bike you are interested in, or would like to buy, we are happy to add your name to the list. Please contact us to do so. 

We appreciate your patience, and we are doing what we can to get riders on bikes. Thank you for all your support!


Whether you are looking for a new mountain bike, electric bike, commuter or kids bike, TAWS Bike Garage has something to offer. Our bike shop is stocked with bikes from Norco, Kona, Santa Cruz, Juliana, Ibis and Cervelo we have a comprehensive line up which offers something for every rider, and great bikes for Powell River. With many years of experience and professional bike fit training, we can get you fit comfortably on the right bike.


At the Bike Garage, we can equip both rider and bike with the latest and greatest accessories, clothing and gear. We stock plenty of brands; Giro, 7Mesh, POC, Smith, 100%, Niterider, EVOC, Shimano and Sram to name a few. If we don't have it, we'll be happy to get it for you. 

Repairs & Service

We service all types of bicycles. Our comprehensive tune-ups start at $49.99.

When you drop your bike off we will assess your bikes service needs, before we do the work. If you're in a hurry, let us know and we can phone you with a repair estimate. We also have an 'a la carte' repair menu if you need something specific.

Have an emergency? Give us a call,  we do our best to accommodate emergency repairs when possible. 

Service Appointments

Note, that with an appointment, we can have your bike back to you within 24 hours. Drop it off in the morning of your appointment, pick it up the in the morning the following day. 

Pick-Up and Drop-off

Having a tough time getting your bike into the shop? Call us to arrange pick-up or drop-off. No charge, within Powell River's city limits. 

Rentals - Suspended for now


Rentals will be suspended until we are able to be supplied with a rental fleet. The shortage of bikes has left us with no rental bikes available. Our hope is that we will have bikes available for rent for spring/summer 2022.


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Powell River

TAWS Bike Garage
4597 Marine Ave, Powell River, BC V8A 2K7
(604) 485-2555
Monday - Friday 9:30-5:30
Saturday 10:00 - 3:00