Benno ETILITY Bikes!

We’re excited to welcome Benno Bikes into the shop!

Benno is a relatively new brand to the industry, created in 2015. But the brand’s proprietor, Benno Baeziger, has been involved since the early 90’s. Benno electric bikes are designed to be utility vehicles, and their flexible accessory program allows for that. Whether you’re loading up with snowshoes and backcountry gear, or a couple children, the Benno lineup can handle it.

All the Benno electric bikes are equipped with fenders, racks and integrated lighting. Additional racking can be added to the bike to accessories it to the riders needs.

Benno’s are equipped with Bosch Electric Drive Systems. At TAWS, we are making an effort to provide the best electric products with serviceability across North America. Benno is no different. A Benno bike equipped with a Bosch system can be taken to any reputable bike shop in North America and they will know how to help with your bike.

We will have a Benno E Boost in the shop for demo/test. It is actually the bike shop vehicle for 2020. You’ll see us fully loaded doing bike deliveries, recycling or attending events on this bike.

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